Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perversion= no aversion

It's raining now. It seems as though the screeching of crows is a warning to fellow mates.
It also seems as though they don't mind getting wet. Puddles are collecting. Seas are growing into oceans. All have one common goal. Move in all directions possible. Penetrate untouched soil. Reach the deepest roots.
Meanwhile, the trees are swaying in the wind. Almost dancing to its tunes. The mud on the ground grows darker in colour.
A warning to us about how dark things could get with darker shades of darkness in the sky.
A hot auntie is standing in front of me now. The skin on her back is radiant (or should i say 'the back on that skin'?:p). Her body reminds me of a coke bottle. Now i realise that i don't give a rat's ass about the rain or it's essence. The picture in front of me is more soothing those damned rain drops. Suddenly there's a rattle. This thing we call thunder.
I'm brought back to reality...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Probability and chance

How would you feel if you were at the receiving end of a highly improbable event. If you were to leave everything to chance, and hope against all odds that the outcome is favourable.
You think you have everything under control, but somewhere you also know that shit can happen. We have Murphy's law as an old adage. (or a friggin law itself).
It's all going well for you. Life is good. There are no complications. You make decisions.
Some are favourable and some aren't. One always trusts his instincts while making dicey choices.
If one leaves everything to chance, eventually life evens out. But if you really think about all angles involved, pros and cons, yet you're sure nothing will go wrong, you'll get fucked hard.
An improbable event doesn't imply an impossible event:)
So i took a chance today. Microprocessor lab. Ten in a batch, and apparently three chits had matrix multiplication, with 80 lines of pointless code. I went in, and followed my instincts.
I had already decided that i was going to pick up the third chit. But what i hadn't decided was whether i was to take the 3rd chit from the right or the left.
Something told me to take the one 3rd from the right. Woila. Easy code. I later found out that the guy who picked the 3rd chit from the left was working on matrices:)
So is it safe to say that God saved my ass?
Now i'm even more fascinated with "chance", for, if i had picked the other chit, i sure as hell would not be writing this.