Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two weeks back!(continued-part 2)

Okay, all reminders not-withstanding, let me continue with the recap. Well, I can say there was a sense of satisfaction masking all the embarrassment, mostly 'cause I was relieved I'd finally done something about a crush, and it took me about three of em to make a move. Looking back, I still can't fathom how and why I did it, and albeit I do ponder about how things could've much better, I've no regrets whatsoever:). That being said, It'd still be nice if I had a number to work with, I figure I'm good with the 'virtual flirting' game. 

I put all this at the back of my head and went to attend classes, which were real boring to say the least. There was this one lecture by TRM, who is pretty much an eccentric fellow, real enthusiastic when it comes to comparing Electronic device performances to real life situations. This Guy T.R.M had brought along with him his childhood friend whom He let us address after 'his last class', after much emphasis on the end of 'a marriage' with us:p. TRM went on to ask us the meaning of success, or in other words 'when is a person successful'? Most of my classmates went on about the stereotypical 'he should be happy, have money etc etc', but I went on to say 'he must think out of the box' or something on those lines, and I was met with a few aaaaaaaaaaaahs and oooooooooohs, with TRM then giving the example of a burglar carrying out a stream of fruitful raids would be quite a successful person in his own regard.

This friend of his acted retarded. He went on to tell us how he ended up finishing his B.E about 6 months later than TRM, then went on to start his own company, got bored with it, and then got into animation, quit again and went on to do his masters and now has currently applied for a Phd course in national security which according to him has never been done in India! All this seemed pretty farcical to me, and so I didn't give this 'talk' much importance.

But then It got interesting. He went on to ask us whether we liked challenges. Sure, most of us put our hands up. So then He challenges us to drink six large bottles of beer.:P More chit chat, gibberish etc etc and a while later He basically told us to have Fun whatever we did! His basic Idea was- Career choices shouldn't be mainstream, we all should first do the things close to us, our the things we possibly connect with, but also ensure that we're 'there' career-wise on the sidelines. This really got me thinking a lot about life, it's cruel lessons and complications, subtleties, manipulations and I realised something- Life really is a lesson thrown out to us with hurdles attached, and well, we probably will never know how well we've fared (relatively speaking) until we're dead. Amen to that!

In the afternoon, the summer that drives the sweat glands also drove my body to sleep. I woke up around 4, K-man dropped in to say Hi. I think he expected some kind of birthday gift, but I made sure I gave him no such satisfaction. Later that evening, we visited the nearby Ganapati Sachidananda Ashrama, mostly 'cause he wanted to say hi to God on his Birthday! For those who don't know, I'm not that big a fan of the 'Creator', although I do fold my hands together and pray during the end-sem exams:)
On the way out, we received the customary 'prasadam', avalakki of some sort that tasted horrible (No offense to God or anything holy), So we figured the best we could do to avoid a situation was to give it t the beggars outside on the street. This brought a smile as we kept saying- 'Dhana maadidivi', like as though this one good deed would negate sins of a lifetime. 

We then proceeded to attend TechNIEk's, which is NIE's annual cultural celebrations. Most of the performances sucked; this could be attributed to the heat coupled with the fact that the fest was being held in their college auditorium, which had zero ventilation.
Nevertheless, we came, saw, bitched, and then left. Since it was still K-man's birthday and we wanted it to be special for him, We planned a Night out. 
As most engineering kids would know, A night out is incomplete without the customary booze a.k.a tanni. So, Ashish a.k.a deal and myself proceeded to purchase the essentials from a liquor store about 6km away. Only 'cause K-man wanted MRP rates! But he was kind enough to pay for it so I'll stop complaining. 8 cans of carlsberg beer,3 K.F blue large,3 quarters vodka and 1 quarter signature whiskey was what we deemed sufficient for 8 of us. We then proceeded to Sagar Katte (read here). 
There, under the starry skies with a few beers in our belly, we belted some Floyd in the car system and exchanged a few jokes here and there. I've always maintained that Floyd really DO sound hauntingly beautiful under the influence, and I'm sure the 7 others would reiterate the same. The problem with night outs is- If one guy falls asleep, it triggers a chain reaction.
Sleep was the only spoiler that night. We returned to a friend's place to finish the booze, but sleep had other ideas:) 

The next morning, I raced back home and went straight to bed. Sunday morning blues, I say! Thursday onwards were our 2nd internals that we had to write; We simply chose to bunk the first internals. Four months of no studying and then suddenly turning it on can be quite a bitch. Especially when some subjects have 3 units to be studied. 
This was the first time in my engineering life that I missed all subjects the 1st internals, and so the anticipation that one feels when he arrives early enough to college so as to not miss catching the last bench, coupled with expectations of an easy on the eyes- I hope he lets me copy- kind of lecturer on evaluation duty cannot be explained in words.

But the point is,this was the first time we couldn't finish the booze. I figure it's got something to do with God:)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last week- part 1!

It's been real long since i last wrote something that made sense. The previous poem on clouds was full of shit. Well, I'd say I'm seriously running out of creative juices. It's actually painful 'cause usually, when i'm sitting in front of my laptop, my fingers actually 'roll' over the keypad and sentences do come easy.
I for one especially feel bad about this 'drought' of sorts, so this attempt is one to fill a few characters, speak my mind and make some sense! A few years from now, I wouldn't want to look back and ponder about the lack of enthusiasm I've shown recently when it comes to writing, and now I think I've done enough to accentuate the same:)

One credible reason I'd attribute to this self imposed hiatus would have to be my lazy ass getting even lazier. In fact, I haven't even been doing the things I love to do- Watching movies and reading novels. Anyway, enough of this nonsensical talk and let me get down to business.

9th April was the eve of my friend 'k-man' a.k.a s.f's 23rd birthday. Usually how it works with us is we all pretend that we've forgotten about one's birthday and don't give a rat's backside. But this time was different for some reason.
At around 11.30 p.m, I messaged s.f, wished him a Happy Birthday with all ardor that one can possibly fit into an s.m.s, and told him I was pretty sleepy so I wouldn't be able to call him up. But I somehow ended up on facebook and he was there too, so along with another 'virtual' happy birthday, I was forced to call him up past 12 since now he knew I was lying.
Seriously, this whole charade of who wishes first and who tries the hardest to wish at 12 is so cliched, or at least that's how I feel. How're 'virtual birthday wishes' going to make one's birthday any better? :O

The next morning, I somehow cajoled myself to attend class, what with all attendance issues that I'll talk about later. We had a break at 9.30, so us class guys went down to Yampa (milk parlour) to have some milk-shake. 
Well there she was. My latest crush, sitting with her back against me. Her dark hair shining brightly in sunshine. So near yet so far, I thought:P
It had been almost two years since the last time I did something about a girl. So the odds were I wouldn't do anything that day. But s.f convinced me to go talk to her. He used a filmy touch in his conviction, about how we only have 60 days left in this college life, and the number of rejections wouldn't matter since we'd all save face anyway. 
I was still pretty skeptical, since I'd long lost the 'art' of flirting or even talking sensibly to a girl I found cute. Even to this day, I don't know!
Seriously, what is with the female species.

  • They have this thing called ego, which they flaunt around thinking it adds to their attitude.
  • They have attitude, cause they always expect the guy to come by and talk.
  • They expect us to talk in the first place:)
Anyway, I walk up to her with some josh coupled with a bundle of nervousness trying to convince me to turn back. I say- 'Excuse me, Can I have a word?'
I figure All's going well so far. But then she gives me a nervous look so I literally crap in my pants. She gives nervous glances to her friends as if she were asking for solace from me.:P 
But then her friends nod and so with much apprehension, I take her to a side and say something that goes like this-
' Hey My name's Kishore I'm from 8th sem EC. What's yours?' 

I was so nervous that I couldn't catch hers and didn't bother to ask again. From what I garnered, her name's Aindrita or something with some 'phlegm' like effect in between syllables:).
Then I tell her that I sorta had a crush on her. Then I wait for a few seconds but she doesn't move or speak. I wanted to get this over and done with so I directly ask her if she's seeing someone to which she replies with a short yes. When has 'yes' sounded so degrading?:P 
I was already acting retarded, and plus her friends were giving me looks so all I could manage was 'Catch you later then'. I didn't even ask for her number. Thu. I feel like such a dick. 
To top it all, One of the reasons I did this whole pointless-embarassing- I knew I'd be rejected thing was S.F had told me earlier that He had a girl in mind and was going to do something about her too.

To this day, he hasn't done shit and I haven't seen my chick either. Hopefully I can muster some courage next time and ask for her number. After all, What have I to lose? My rep? It was never on the line anyway.

P.S- S.F, the point is, you haven't done shit yet. So I'm using a 'virtual environment' to remind you, rather than meeting you in person.
More later, folks! I promise to write more often as I've a feeling i CAN!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


They're drifting away in the night sky,
high above us, their colours sucked dry.
Oblivious to light, they jitter away;
they glide past countries and literally sway.
They edge on, with all their might;
Only the other side have them in sight.
Clouds, Oh clouds we see 'em in the day;
But during the night, they have their say!