Saturday, February 26, 2011

Long Overdue

It's been so fucking long. New Year's eve went by in a heartbeat, and it's hard to believe we're already almost into March. A lot has happened since New Years. Those stupid ass resolutions are just what we say/portray to make us feel good about ourselves. Work is the shite, if you know what I mean. I managed to get my GMAT out of the way, and now have to get rolling on the applications to make it in time For September. My hopes are pinned on France, and hopefully I'll have some good news by Mid-April. 
I would like to talk about some interesting events which helped me gain a broader perspective about Life and it's hideous games. There is some stuff going on at Work, and I don't like where it's going. Unlike in other aspects of Day to Day life, it's hard to pitch an outcry against things that don't seem right. Basically, you're like a prostitute, getting paid every month to do what you're told to do. There is something about 'Work Pressure', and what it embodies, that makes you realise that you got to do IT, even though it doesn't make sense any sense whatsoever. Even if it asks you some really tough Questions, you just have to tell yourself that the things you're doing that do not make you feel 'good' are only on the WEEKDAYS! 

I did get to see Bryan Adams play out to a solid crowd at Palace Grounds. He's been one of my favourite singers for a long time now. I always wanted to see him Live. I remember back in 8th, I'd play "The Best of Me" cassette over and over . Back then, I was care-free, fascinated with POP, Soft Rock and no idea about any other Genres. But I knew that Adams was the man to see simply because of these lines- 
"when you can see your unborn children in her eyes 
You know you really love a woman"

As a 13 year old, actually believing that this is what Love is, and even to this day I'd like to think that This is what the real deal is. I got goosebumps when he started singing the first verses of "I'm ready" and  Please forgive me. It was like an endless dream, not to be compared with the craziness of Iron Maiden, but unique and sublime in its simplicity. Music is the simplest Emotion:)

In other news, A friend of mine went to Israel on work. He'd taken a little Stone from Mysore with him. this is from the all of us to a man of kindness and Humility, and the Greatness that is much more than a movie.
Schindler's list is more like an experience, one that will bring you to your knees at the end and make you shed a few tears. All of us feel so strongly about this Man (even though Schindler's ark portrays him in a 'lesser' sense). So this is for the Movie, For humility, and for a Right Way to lead life!

This post is for all those people who have been friends for a long time, whose friendship draws from things they share in common, be it Iron Maiden, the same taste in Food, books, views on life, or the 'I love that movie' for example Schindler's List. I hope that each one of you cherish what you have for as long as it lasts.
'cause Friendship is the roots of the Big banyan tree that we associate with Life. Cheers!

P:S- I am back:P