Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guest Post: A woman

There are so many layers to her.The sooner you peel each layer off and start to understand it,there's
another waiting for you.She wants to be loved to be understood. A woman...a subtle thing in her own
right. She'll laugh with you,she'll cry with you.

Eve,the first woman God created ate the apple.Was she sinner,nay i think not.She just did what
was right."She" is a force to be reckoned with.Men have plundered and pillaged her throughout the
years,does she back down.No...she's back with a fury,another layer surfacing with an intensity never
seen before.

She can tempt you and she can please you with a wink of an eye.All you can do is sit and ogle like a petty

She's yang and she's yin.

Hell hath no fury like a women's scorn they say but heaven hath no love like a women's warm
embrace.She's a mother,lover and a homemaker.A multi faceted being who can twist and mould any
man's dream with a twirl of her finger.

she is the opressed and the sufferrer as well.Suffering from the cold and clammy clutches of a swarthy
man.She knows she doesn't deserve this.Every scream and bellow extingushes that flame within her bit
by bit till in the end there is just a single souless being residing within her.The man or rather the men
doing this feel like kings.Barbarians ravaging across a land they think they own.A false sense of "owning"
this is.

On the other hand there are "those" who make men feel like there's no tomorrow.Every cell in her being
wants to love him to bits.

In the end all i'd like to say is that she is an adventure,a trip of a lifetime and a mystery i can hardly

P.S- Nickil Somanna says he could've done this more justice if he hadn't run out of cigs. I agree :P

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life as we know it

The past week has been brilliant. But the mood right now is sombre. This phase of life encompasses the weekdays and the weekends. (As does every-other phase), the only difference being, Friday night is chill and Sunday night is WTF!OMG not again! I'm already finished with six months of work. Obviously was hard moving into that City if you can call it one. 
There was a time around two months back when I'd convinced myself that I'd hit a low, career wise. I tried out a few other comanies, made it to the last Round on two separate instances. There was a time when I told myself that 'I deserve better things'. I don't know why. I was happy with my IBM position for the better half of my stint, yet, somewhere, somehow, I sensed that I wanted something more. That's the problem with people dealing with this "Cross-Roads" of life. One doesn't make things happen, he expects them to happen. He doesn't factor in time, luck, effort, and all other essential variables. The Big question- 'What do i want to do/become'? haunts you down when you're in the most happy moods and eats at you. You begin to think about angles when there isn't one.
What i'm probably trying to say/Ramble about is that it's important that you realise that you are the master of your own fate and destiny. And there are probably a million different ways to set about doing it. It's up to you to figure out the best. In the end I believe that One's search for happiness is not a search. You need to follow your passions and do things you're comfortable doing. You need to be in control of things you can be in control of! End of story.
That being said, I'm looking forward to things changing, a Good Gmat score followed by a decent time in Europe. I'm being in control, no?