Sunday, November 28, 2010


  • Now it's time to write naan-sense again. Last week at work, there was this one 'corporate' bugger who happened to walk down beside me for lunch. The thing about how 'professional' the IT dudes are-  They pretend to be something they're not. For instance, this chap had all his mannerisms intact with the silly americanised excuse me's and sorrys. All of this at Work. But I heard him Burping repeatedly outside our building. No sorrys eh, bugger? :D
  • Speaking of Corporate, I think it's Bhandarkar's worst movie. 
  • I actually made a promise to myself that I wouldn't watch any Bollywood movies after watching 'Love Aj kal'. But my cousin managed to get me to watch Golmaal 3. Worst decision ever! Worst 70 bucks spent ever. I actually wouldn't mind buying beedi packets and giving it off to those sad-ass auto drivers.
  • I actually think Golmaal 3 was worse than ClockWork Orange.
  • If I somehow win the lottery or make some Money on the Vegas Strip, I'd like to make Golmaal-4. I'd w ant for it to suck so bad that these Dumbasses would stop considering making Sequels ever again!
  • Only if Golmaal-4 makes it to Cannes or Sundance will I consider making the next version or negotiate with the Big Studios. Else, the Big Finger to you all. Bye.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

L'Auberge Espanyol

It's been way too long since I put up a post, and now there'll be a string of posts to compensate. I've never done a movie review before. I figure 'L'Auberge Espanyol' a.k.a 'The Spanish Hostel' is a good start. 
This Spanish experience reminds me for some reason of 'A Good Year' of the Ridley Scott fame. Shot in the majestic mediterranean city of Barcelona, It gives you a feel for the Catalan culture and way of life. The message portrayed is pretty much the same. Sticking to one's roots, finding love and solace, Friendship and trust. 

The protagonists are Romain Duris as Xavier, a cheeky French lad in his mid 20's going through what one would call A mid-life crisis. He's leading a not so happy life in the city of Love-Paris. He's in love with the most desirable Audrey Tatu- who plays Martine, your typical French chick in 'Love', the works! Xavier decides that his life lacks direction so he heads up to Barcelona as part of an exchange program, as he's told it is a pre-requisite for a job with the French Government. So he leaves his caring mother and girlfriend behind, with hopes for a better future. 
On the flight he meets a French couple, and they convince him to stay in their flat. With no place to stay and immediate future uncertain, he agrees to stay and sleep on the couch. He soon feels a slight attraction for Anne-Sophie, and is mindful of the fact that he is in a long distance relationship, so he stays away. Anne is not familiar with Spanish, but Xavier is able to pick things up soon. Cedric Klapisch, the Director, has done a remarkable job in showing how things drift apart, and how distance acts like a kind of barrier for a relationship. 
Xavier decides to move into an apartment with six other people from all over Europe. Together they bond, live through each other's problems and idiosyncrasies. Xavier's distance caters to a growing 'distance' in his love for Martine, and soon they are Kaput! Meanwhile, Xavier discovers that one of his room-mate's a lesbian, so things get a little weird. One night, they get to talking and she tells him precisely how to work a girl.

His lust and yearn for Anne Sophie grows, and soon he is oblivious in that he doesn't honour 'Marriage' and what it stands for. There is a lovely scene with "lust" written all over it. Xavier and Anne are taking an evening walk, when he grabs her behind firmly in such a way that she is unable to move, she arches her hip forward and they end up making love, all the while realising that it is wrong.
L'Auberge Espanyol is about finding your holding ground, leaving things you're familiar with, adapting to variants in environment. It's about leaving, getting back, going about in circles, and much more. It is about how a bond grows, how Friendship is so important. More importantly, it is about following your passions! It is a must watch
rating- 8/10


Thursday, November 4, 2010

John Williams

What's in a name, you may ask? This isn't just about John Williams. It is about the greatness of the Schindler's list sound-track. When you're sitting down at work in a sombre mood, listening to 'I could have done more', with a knot in your throat, and the tears are almost on the way, you have nothing else to do but simply ask yourself- What is there to crib about in this materialistic World where Technology dominates mankind. Money is moved around. People get broke everyday. Some turn overnight millionaires in the "Vegas Strip". Dreams are broken, and new ones are born. You wonder what we're complaining about when we have everything, or at least a glimpse of it. You ask yourself what the Jews had then? They have a land of righteousness now. 
You know the greatness of music if it can ask you such questions.