Sunday, September 12, 2010


Due the bad hit I've taken with respect to the lack of 'Creative Juices', I will stick to something Random for this post. Have fun reading!

  • Have you guys seen that 'Do not touch' nonsensical add? There's a good chance it's the worst add ever made. It is so very irritating. I seriously don't know what they're promoting. If it is a touch-screen, it is to be touched. If you want to get someone paranoid,lock him up somewhere and keep playing this add. Seriously. I'd rather watch 'The Clockwork Orange' of the Stanley Kubrick fame than this again.
  • Yup, 'The Clockwork Orange' is the worst movie ever made. But Please watch to gauge for yourself.
  • Speaking of Kubrick, I don't GET his movies! Watch 'Eyes Wide Shut' and you'll appreciate why people use WTF a lot!
  • when a relative gives me money i refuse, but inside im like YESSSS. Please visit if you want to evoke a WTF reaction. Isn't it obvious?
  • Here's another-"Omg they broke up!".. "Dont worry they will be back to...ohh see their already going out again." Who gives a flying fuck? Can't believe such a page even exists. It's they're and not their. Retards:P
  • If you google 'Bangalore Palace', and pull up the wiki, towards the end of the article you'll see a line that goes- 'David Gilmour is supposed to perform on 18 August 2010'. For all the ardent Gilmour fans rueing this missed opportunity, Relax. It never happened.
  • Has anyone heard of the giggle loop? Check this out, it's hilarious. It reminds me of the time in school when we're asked to observe a minute's silence but we just can't stand the silence. Our insides are itching so badly that we just have to let it out!. Sigh. Those were the days!
  • I hate how people fight over the bill after a nice dinner. It's just pointless. Eventually the bill has to paid so might as well decide who is paying before going. If only the male ego would be more agreeable, perhaps?
  • Have you gone up to a  random Girl and directly asked for her number? I have. Let's just leave it at that:P