Monday, June 21, 2010

The chennai fiasco

In my last post, I'd said that I would be leaving for Chennai with quite a heavy heart. But all that changed the night before I was to leave, with the arrival of an e-mail. IBM had something on the lines of- 'Your request for an alternate date has been accepted, Please await confirmation in this regard blah blah..'
I was all WTF. I mean, you're all ready and mentally prepared to leave for Chennai, but then this arrives, and then you say to yourself- Don't get overly excited 'cause nothing is certain in the corporate world, so be ready for everything!
The next day, I payed a visit to a temple, ate breakfast with Family at a nearby restaurent and headed back home. Later in the day, I decided to have a good milkshake at college for one last time befor leaving:)
A while later, I got a call from me friend and he told me that our joining dates have been postponed. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Bloody hell. Now i was pissed. First they tell me to come to Chennai and then they say Please come on july 22nd.
So when the HR called me, She first asked me whether I was willing to start on july 22nd. The word going around was that Kolkata was the job location for guys who got that date. I said no. Of course, I knew I was missing out on a bucketful of off-campus opportunities, But at this point, I couldn't care less!
She then asked me if I could report to Chennai itself. I told her that I'd already cancelled my tickets:P. Finally she said I could report to Bangalore. I had to await a confirmation mail that night, which didn't arrive till next afternoon!
As soon as i got ze mail, I hopped onto the Shatabdi, sat my ass down comfortable on the chair, and plugged on my headphones.
I've mentioned many times before about how music is my 'holding ground' in sad/frustrating situations. Even though It was Bangalore, only a 3 hr bus drive away from home, I was really dis-heartened. Only then did I realise that Life wouldn't be the same again. Friends I once knew would scatter all over the planet. They'd all make money, 'garner' reaponisibilities, and soon would just be part of an occasional phone call or an e-mail. C'est la vie, I guess!

P.S- More later on my first week at work and how hard Life is.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The day of reckoning has finally arrived. I'll be leaving tomorrow night for my first job. My Dad once told me that there really isn't quite something as your first job. I don't know whether to feel happy or sad. I've never ever lived outside of 'home', so I've never ever known what 'home sweet home' means and represents. 
The last few days were a lot of fun. With the World Cup starting off with a bang, as well as me hanging out a lot with some of me close friends. I used to have some kind of a 'countdown', always telling myself that there are a few days left before I finally accept the fact that I'm leaving and it isn't all just a dream.
Like I said in my previous post, Memories are a bitch! They tend to bite you hard in the arse every time you try to relive them. That's the one thing I hate about life. Although we keep bitching about how mundane it is, It is much better when there aren't many 'phases', or 'change' 
I'm not saying it's not possible to deal with changes. It's just that sometimes, 'Change' comes too fast or in large amounts.
It's not easy to convince yourself that you'd still be able to meet your friends occasionally. Even though you may, you know deep inside that it's not part of the Life you've always known. And that my friend, is a bitch!

But there are two faces to a coin, as always, so I'd like to think of this 'stint' as a positive one, one that will shape my character and career. Plus I'll be making some money, and I haven't done that before. I'm sure it'll come to some good. 
So to all- I sign off now, I'll surely post once I'm there. I'm really looking forward to a cold mug of beer sometime. Beer is Beer, atleast!:P

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The end of an era!

It's been quite a journey. But now, it all comes to an end. Looking back on all the events and memories, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't change a thing. 
From those nervous first steps into college to these last few days running around with nervous energy to get our project reports done. 

It's hard to believe four years have whizzed past so soon. It hasn't been that fruitful a time. To put things in a nutshell, I would simply say that I've matured as a person. I know how crazy and cliched this sounds, but I'd like to think it's true. I wouldn't want to convince myself that engineering was an absolute waste.
It wasn't. 

I've learnt how things are different at the surface than they actually are. How impractical the VTU system actually is, among other things.
There were times when I laughed so hard, and for so long that my tummy hurt. There were other times when I'd pull at my hair and scream! An outcry against things that I'd not quite understand or comprehend. There were iffy moments too. Sometimes, I'd ask myself questions that I'd never find answers to. Sometimes, the answers were right there in front of me...

-I remember my first day at college. We had class at 8.30 on 18th sep 2006. It was Maths class. We were asked to introduce ourselves, as well as mention our Maths marks in P.U. We also had one chap, V.M.R handle classes in Civil Engineering. I remember how we used to maintain notes, attend all classes, be 'ideal students' and all that jazz.
-I remember the tick tick tick tick incident very clearly. We had it nicely:)
-I remember the transition into 2nd sem. I started my T.T craze phase, started bunking classes regularly, started The-I-don't-give-a-rat's-ass-attitude which worked well for me. 
I'd meet my p.u friends over the weekend, and we'd go to this little joint called K.B.C. There, Nickil and myself would always order the chicken noodles:). This trend continued for a year or so, but we soon stopped visiting that place. Sometimes, we'd meet up in k-man's place and chat late into the night. Soon we coined 'D.G' and 'D.C' and S.F. And also that lil joke on the missed call from heaven!.Thinking about it makes me laugh hard every single time. For our 2nd sem Basic Electronics paper, Nickil and myself had some Red Label before leaving for the exam. Both of us nailed the paper:P

There was 17th March 2007. All of us sat on the 6.45 train with a spring in our steps. There was excitement. It was the first time ever.
30 and myself came out early, we missed the last few tracks. I'm sure He too regrets it even to this day. But we did see Nicko and he did wave at us! We hopped onto the bus back home at 2 in the morning. We even walked back to k-man's place from the bus stand. We coined 'Ostrich' then. He sure as hell was walking like one:P. That lad was still pissed with me about the previous night's events. I never did believe him when he told me that India indeed lost to Bangladesh at the W.C. I was all WTF! I remember nickil and his I saw Bruce, I saw Bruce rant. Will you shut up already!:P 
That was also the time when I had joined karate classes. K-man and myself weren't that interested, so we'd try our best to not attend. It was also the time when A few of us showed a keen interest in "girls", put our hand into the fire when we shouldn't have, only to learn things the hard way! 

-I remember how 30 took us to Lalith Mahal, and we even shot some pool on the Maharaja's table. Sweet! 
-I remember how Nickil and myself would pay 30 a visit in the evenings, and then we'd proceed to a spot near the helipad, where we'd listen to good music, look at the patterns in the sky, and write poetry:P

-I remember my 3rd sem Logic Design paper, I had to give it on Jan 1st 2008. It was a hard time for me, Reading 3 units the previous night. Toiling hard. Mr Pitil had dropped by some time that week. We spoke for an hour or two about how Better I should have 'handled' the situation. 
I learnt how useless my E&C course was. I was not interested to say the least.
There was the LIC incident in 4th sem. I gave 2 blank books for the first 2 internals and somehow managed a 13 in the 3rd. I never thought once that anything less than 37 in the external would mean 'Fail':). 
-I remember how I'd always be kicked out of lab by none other than M.G.V every single week. It had gotten so bad that there was a point in time I'd actually walk out as soon as she called out my name:P
-I remember that one time after M-3 or M-4, Nickil and myself went to K-man's place, the guy thought he was going to fail!!! He was almost in tears, and apparently, he wanted to walk out of the exam hall in 40 minutes. That was a priceless moment, the expression on his face!!
-I remember 16th Feb,2008. One of the best days of my life. I've never ever laughed so much. Thank you maadi for the entertainment:)
- I remember hodiri saar, hodiri:P It was real fun.
-I remember all those night out sessions in PJ's place. We'd all be flat by 2 odd but PJ would read into the morning at his own pace, but surprisingly, He'd only be 3 pages ahead. :P
-I also remember how 'ostrich' mentioned to me one day that he'd slept straight from 7 p.m to 7 a.m. I still wonder how.
-I remember the mentality of fellow E&C-ians. There was 31st December 2008. The D-Day. We were to write our CMOS-VLSI paper. All of us were nervous, Haven prepared only for 60 marks. But, as always, we managed 70 plus:). That day was a real take-a-shit-in-your-pants kind of day.
-I remember the day I got placed. That night was great fun. We toasted to life and it's complications!

-I remember the night before our last ever theory paper. There was a cloud of anticipation surrounding me. It was the toughest paper I've ever studied for. One cannot put into words how most of us would've felt when the bell rung at 5 sharp. We were now engineers!

I did get my IBM joining date as 17th june, in Chennai. I tried my best to convince them to postpone it, using excuses such as- 'our project demo finishes on 15th june, so we need time to find accommodation and make travel arrangements', but to no avail. I guess all this was 'cause I wasn't ready to let go of this life. One that I'm familiar with and can relate to.
The reason I remember so many beautiful things from the past four years are the wonderful friends who have contributed to make them memorable.

So A Big Thank you to all! Frost once wrote- 'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood'. I hope we all take the same road:P

Friday, June 4, 2010

Do you know?

Do you know that feeling,
Rain drops falling all around
Let it start the healing,
While we take in the sound

Do you know that feeling?
When everything around is appealing.