Saturday, August 28, 2010


It's been a while. I've really become very lazy when it comes to posting a Blog post. Whenever I sit in front of the computer, trying to think of something to write, I'm overshadowed by an empowering emotion of sorts. Sub-consciously, I'm told to not write. So I leave it at that. But today is different. I've decided that I'm watching too much Entourage:) I've watched 35 something episodes in 3 days. That's a lot. 
Okay, first off, I feel like bitching about Murphy. He's always screwing things up for me. I wrapped up work early on Thursday and managed to convince my Manager for a  'casual leave', for Friday, which he was more than willing to give. So I decided to hop on the Bus and make it home as soon as I could (Mysore obviously).
It was around 4 by the time I got to Hebbal. There was an ISKON kiosk put up near the Bus Stop, and some guy there asked me for two minutes of my time. He then went on about Vedas and Spirituality and religion, all things I couldn't care less about. (Unless there's a VTU exam). He then told me that in order for someone to able to be qualified to chant the 'Hare Krishna' mantra, he must have studied loads of religious things. Okay, first off, How does this concern me and my life? He went on and on for 15 min. I didn't want to tell him off too. I was feigning interest. I finally decided to buy a book on Life/Religion/Science for 50 bucks. Turns out I lost the book. 
Anyway, It started pouring soon so it took me a while to make it to Majestic. Once there, I coudn't miss eating at KFC before leaving. (Even a guy on parole with no cash would love eating there, even if it means he has to rob someone).
It was 5.30 by the time I was done. I called S.F to ask if there were any trains leaving for Mys around that time. Turns out there was one at 6.15. I made a dash for it. It was 6 by the time I managed a ticket. Some guy near the counter had a Ticket to Mys he didn't want. Ticket price was 42/-. I gave him 45 and waited as he patiently looked around for change. It was already late, and I sure as hell didn't want to stand on the Train. (Should have asked for the change. Murphy aggain!!! You'll know why soon).

All the compartments were full. People were sitting in the aisles, standing near the toilets. It was mayhem. I hopped into the reservation compartment. I found a seat empty. Seat number 62. Turns out someone had already reserved that seat. C'est la vie, I thought, but decided that there's no way I'm standing:D

So I went to the A.C compartment and told the T.C 'swalpa adjust maadi'. I had to Pay him 153 bucks extra. I gave him a 200 and He sheepishly said He'd give me 47 bucks later. It got me thinking. What if the guy ends up not giving back? My head and the crazy thoughts whirling inside it. I even 'presumed' that he wouldn't give it. It was a very easy thing to do, running away with money.So I went to the extent of going through what I would complain about once I reached Mysore. It was around 8.30 and there was still no sign of him. If only I'd taken the 3 bucks change earlier. The T.C would have given me a 50. The smile and it's wickedness kept coming back. 
Soon, there was a tap on my shoulder and the T.C, with his same sheepish look, gave me 46 bucks change. Only this time, his smile was genuine. 
You see how the same smile presents two faces.

P.S-This post is for all with a clear conscience. Maybe Murphy does screw things up for you, and it's to accentuate  such situations. It's also a reminder to us all that there are good people out there. Stop Presuming!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Up above me there's a few electric cables hanging haphazardly against the backdrop of the night sky. A few birds meander about. It is generally quiet. In the distance I can see the tail-lights of an aeroplane.Moving slowly yet rapidly. It kind of gives you a perspective of the vastness of the sky.. There's hardly any stars. The floating clouds are grey. Like foam from a soap bar when you wash your hands. They're warning you with the smell of rain drops in the air. You're listening to 'The hero of the day' by Metallica and wondering who this 'hero' is?
The sky, the lights, the imposing skyline, the dogs barking incessantly on the streets, or something else.
Something larger than life itself, you wonder. For just one second you picture what you actually can be as opposed to what you are. And then you realise that it's all out there if you need it. You have to ask yourself how badly you need it. There are some things that can't be quantified. Your dreams are in your hands. Just make sure it doesn't slip away and 'blend' with the distant stars or the deepest oceans. Just remember that the waves still hit the beach. So find the right tide, and hop on for the ride. If you meet an obstacle, bypass it or strike at its heart. If you can't do it, then hope. For hope will never fail you, if there ever is a God..

P:S- written under the influence of a pitcher of beer, on 12-08-2010 at 19:51

Sunday, August 8, 2010

This one has no title!

Okay, first things first. I have a lot to write about. I don't quite know where or how to start, for I fear that my deranged mind will give way. I'd have to say that last week was the most easy for me, ever (Relatively speaking). I didn't have much work. Hardly worked 20 hours in total, and the beauty of it is I'm getting paid. So no complains on the job front. Except maybe the fact that my work location hasn't been finalised. It's a dicey situation. 'Cause we all know how travelling in B'lore can be quite the Bitch! 
I can safely say that I've mastered the art of climbing a bus and finding a seat. Here's a word of advice for you all-

  1.  Survey the area near the bus stop. Factor in things like the number of people waiting, the number you feel are too keen to jump into the bus as soon as it arrives, and also how you generally 'feel' about making a run for it!
  2. Next, spot the bus rolling into the right platform. This step is critical, and can make a world of difference. The faster you spot it, the quicker you can react.
  3. Move swiftly across and stand right in front of the door. As it opens, act like a gentleman and disallow people from jumping in. Wait for those inside to move out. The first part is more important :D
  4. As soon as the last person has exited, the adrenalin rush kicks in. It will come, just be patient. Murphy's law will not fail you now. Just run across the aisle and sit on the first seat you get.
  5. Make sure It isn't for senior citizens, the handicapped or ladies. If you still don't make it, proceed slowly to the back of the bus.
  6. Ask the men sitting around you where they're getting off. Plan accordingly.
  7. Plug in your mp3 player and listen away. The bus will sway.:p

    The next thing to do is prepare yourself for the hour and a half long journey. Now, it's really fine if you just want to listen to music, but you'll be missing out on loads of fun. For instance, just pause your player for a minute and listen to the conductor arguing with a passenger for correct change. Or sometimes, if you're lucky, you'd start noticing a trend. A powerful and dismissive voice that goes- 'Change illa'. Now you know you shouldn't mess with the conductor. So you make it a point to tender correct 'change' every single time. You will also see loads of people speaking loudly on the phone. Telling weird stories and using curse words. If you're very observant, you will see few heads turn around. As though it's a sin to use profanity and as though the turned heads have never used it. :D
    As you approach Koramangala, you will convince yourself to wake up from your self imposed sleep. For you don't want to miss out on the horde of chicks walking by, in those tight levi jeans. You then wonder where to look, cause you want to take it all in. You're almost overwhelmed.
    You see a marvelous ass, but then another that beats the 'ass' out of the previous ass.  

    Now your mind has been transported into another World. One outside the bus, and one that presents a realm of opportunities. But then you curse God and that hopeless conductor for calling out that it's your stop. Now you have to report for work. You really hope that the next time, those pickpockets run away with the conductor's bag. Isn't that the easier option?, you wonder, as you walk away..