Sunday, February 14, 2010

Profane poetry!

It was a little after ten,
Someone was playing with my pen.
I was lying naked in her den,
I was sure that this is what they call zen.

As a chilly wind blew across my face;
I realised i just couldn't keep up with her pace!
I was sure this surely wasn't a race,
But I somehow knew i had to close my case.

I should've wacked myself with a broom;
I really should not have been in this room!!
I tried to tell her about my impending doom;
Before i went boom-boom-boom.

As i was finishing, i made a grab for her skirt;
And also held on to some stuff that was pert.
This was a situation I tried to avert;
But i can't help it if she were an expert:)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Iron Maiden: part 1

Today I'm going to deviate from the usual gibberish i rant about and go all out about Maiden. Iron Maiden have been my favourite band for about six years straight now, except probably during the whole Dark side of the moon Pink Floyd phase during my first year of engineering. This post is my tribute for them, and also embodies the glorious moments of my life that involved them.

For starters, Iron Maiden are a six unit band formed just out of London in 1975. They heralded what is called NWOBHM ( New wave of British Heavy Metal) movement, along with Motorhead, Deep Purple and othe giants. Their sound was raw, and had a certain consistency usually unheard of with metal in general. The creative soul of Maiden is a chap called Steve Harris. He has a hot daughter by the name Lauren Harris, but let's not deviate:)
Harris plays the bass guitar. It is basically his band. He writes most of the lyrics and music, and does so with ownage. Iron Maiden would be nowhere without his creative inputs.
One thing's always misunderstood- Iron Maiden are not satanic, their music is not about weird shit like worshipping Satan, Cannibalism or necrophilia for that matter.
They write what matters to them, like about war, its pros and cons, ill-effects and what not. They pride themselves in history and art, as well as terrorism and God. These are things that matter to me, as well as fellow Maiden fans. Maiden encourages their fans to think out of the box, and follow their hearts.
They're essentially a live band. I will tell you guys why in the next post:p

P.S: Up the irons \m/