Sunday, April 26, 2009


  • What's the whole deal with this Roadies down under thingy. Apparently it's very important to my sister. From the looks of things, she was more tensed about who's going to win than she probably was when giving her boards. And now that she knows, it's going to change her life forever.
  • This reminds me, Isn't MTV short for music television? It's been ages since i heard a decent song playing. MTV generation my arse.
  • I don't fancy ultra cool low waist jeans. Maybe it has something to do with this
  • I just learnt how to post a link on a blog post:)
  • Eminem's new album is out in May. Don't buy it. He probably would have cursed his girlfriend and mom again.
  • My current favourite song is Paul Mauriat- Love is blue
  • I watched Yes!man yesterday. Wondered for a while why Jim Carrey is so lame.
  • Which reminds me, I want to watch The number 23 asap.
  • I've only watched 79 of the movies listed in the IMDB 250 list. It took me 4 minutes to figure this out. It's hard to fathom how slumdog millionaire is in that list. Rahman's work is good, but ze movie sucks.
  • The Oscars are full of crap. Gran Torino and Dark Knight were not even nominated. This evoked a this.
  • Soon the Panda and the Koala bear will be extinct. And we'll have only ourselves to blaim.
  • I just spelt blame the wrong way.
  • I always thought WWF was World Wrestling Federation.
  • Heineken is the best beer i've ever had. I've only had like 30 ml but the crispness is Awe-wait for it- sum.
  • I love How I met your mother. Barney Stinson compares with Charlie Harper. They're both good at what they do:)
  • It's been a while since i since i flirted with a girl. I must say I've forgotten the art.
  • I can't believe i just said flirting is an art.
  • My current favourite movie quote is ' Did you notice a sign out in front of my house that said Dead Nigger Storage?' from Pulp Fiction
  • I had to watch Pulp Fiction twice to actually like it. Tarantino is a weird ass nigger hehe.
  • My mom is calling out for dinner. Sometimes she can get as irritating as Wolowitz's mom from The Big Bang theory.:P
  • I don't know if it's Wolowitz' mom or Wolowitz's mom. Z and S sound similar here.
  • One still can't say with an uncertainity of zero that the big bang triggered our expanding universe.
  • 0 is an even number. It is a multiple of 2, it is evenly divisible by 2, it is surrounded on both sides by odd integers, and it is the sum of an integer with itself.
  • And now, I shall surely leave. Adios.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Then and now


Get to bed at 8 sharp. Put that white religious powder on your forehead, in order to keep them scary monsters away. Next morning, mom is helping you brush your teeth, she then lovingly tells you to drink milk. Spill the milk because you're still sleepy and you just dreamt that you already finished milk, had a bath and was ready for school. Say 'I love you' to your mom, Kiss her goodbye and hop on the van to school. Ah, you love school. It's not simple, yet it's not complicated. Play bull-run with everyone in the break. Make friends. Keep them.
Back in class,where your teacher is your friend. You respect him. You adore him. Home work.
You say oh why, yet you never fail to complete it. Waiting, loitering. Waiting for the darn bell to ring. Race your friends to the van. Eat ice-cream. Eat junk. Sing songs. Play games.
Ride your bicycles in circles. Make imaginary friends. Have friends who are girls. Converse with them with no awkward silences. Watch cartoon network. Wonder why your parents read the newspaper.
Be perplexed at the sight of skyscrapers and shopping "malls". Have no idea what "science" really is, and what it has done for mankind. Not even care. Stare at the night sky in awe. Not knowing that the ozone layer is a farce. Not caring for sun tan and harmful U.V rays. Not knowing our future, not even caring to know.
Live life like there's no tomorrow...


Sleep only when you're relaxed. Perpetually dream, both literally and figuratively. Pray to God in times of trouble. Question his existence in the most iffy situations. Read about ghosts, black magic, yin-yang, war and peace. Look at a matter from multiple angles, even when the answer is right there! Marvel at the creation of the universe. How we evolved from those crazy little chimps. Why are we so "complex"?.
Make your own milk, Set your own alarm on. You miss class? Deal with it. Sure, you love your mom. You just don't tell her anymore. Some things needn't be said. Seeing things is different from believing things. Did we ever have this angle when we were kids. Make new friends. Lose touch with old ones. Bitch about people because it's the new norm. Don't have friends who are girls, for they contribute to awkward silences:) Live in this mtv generation cliche. Always wonder why. Always condemn what the heart has to say. Reminisce about the past, but deal with the complicated future.
Life life for there is a tomorrow...

Deal with it. Life is a lesson. You learn it when you are through.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

smoking aces

This was way back. I'd say like 10 years back. It was summer(or winter or spring, doesn't really matter). It was late in the afternoon (Maybe six odd, getting a tad dark, a cool breeze, doesn't really matter). Maybe it was the weather.
That cool tropical breeze that never fails to relax you. The kind of evening you never won't to forget (doesn't really matter). We were a bunch of no nonsense kids, doing our thing. Our mothers were enjoying their evening walk. We were enjoying our evening talk:). Okay here's the thing.
That evening was probably the most memorable evening of my priceless life till date. Memorable for only one reason. But highly uneventful. For on that day, i decided that i was never going to smoke ever. There was absolutely nothing that convinced me though. Me friend and me were just chatting away, we were munching on those chocolate rolls that are shaped like cigars.
So then He asks me, Are you going to smoke cigarettes in the future? All I said was no. I made a mental note of this. So very insignificant. Yet so very strong. It was something to do with the wind i'm dead sure. The calming effect it had on me. The only factor of the evening perhaps. I didn't know back then, that i would be so loyal to my otherwise doomed mind. Ten years on, and i haven't even been tempted to puff even once...Ten years from now, i'm sure that doomed cigarette will still elude me. Smoking is injurious to health. Its written on the frigging box. Yet people don't understand. It was the wind, i'm sure it was. The kind of tropical wind that restores a sense of nonchalance.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Of love and life

Remember the time you were a priority in someone's life? Those were the days when you thought you had security. Some kind of safety blanket that actually is no more than a thin bedspread.
Daydreaming. Smiling to yourself. Messaging and calling. Saying those complicated love words without actually having any idea what they mean. Spending nights staring at the ceiling. Wondering how it would be if you could hold her through the night, wondering how gleeful you'd be to wake up beside her, to smell her hair and hear her breathe. Yes these are all illusions now.
One would associate this blanket with "love" (cliched love). I'm saying this because Love is not what it actually is, unless it is an emotion of the heart.
There is a thin line. For nothing is permanent. Things change fast. Suddenly you're not a priority anymore.
Suddenly ignorance is bliss. Ego is imperative. People change they say. I say it's a manifestation of what we would like to hear, for all we're hoping for at this stage is some kind of consolation. It's a hard thing for one to move from being a somebody to someone to being a nobody. But the nail on the coffin is when they say- "lets be friends" as if to say that friendship heals faster than time. Being there for each other without actually being there. But why can't one transit between these
two phases? From not being able to get their minds off someone to "just being there".
The answer is simple. One is perpetually in the "aura" of security, believing that things cannot get any better. And so things cannot get any worse too. Until it all comes crashing down.
This security we call love is thin.
A stray cigarette butt can burn down a whole forest. The result is an en masse of destruction. Flora and Fauna all dead duck. It's the same with priority. The result is a broken heart and tears.
Sure, one feels guilty and ponders on what could've been done differently, but ultimately, ego is never deflated...
And this is the best part. From personal experience-When one doesn't give a flying fuck about the past, he can appreciate the simple things in life. He can live in the moment and seize it.
The starry nights, the morning sun, the oblivious clouds, the winding roads, the hills in the distance, CHICKS, and the annoying beat police outside the frigging window, add more spice to life. These things have more meaning now!

Monday, April 6, 2009


This translates to-- kiss my ass colonel you're on your own:) Hilarious man. If an Army guy wants to vent anger on his superior, He can use this portal and the above title. I've the copyrights!