Saturday, May 14, 2011

Slow Man

J.M Coetzee is as reclusive as they get. Honorary Doctorates from ten or so Universities. I must say that there is an aura about his writing that can't be explained. The first author to win two Booker's, His books aren't easy reads as such. You tend to ask yourself if such a mysterious man can write so beautifully. The Imagery is quite brilliant, as is his play of words. I tend to believe that his Life's lessons are reflected in his books.Coetzee's dedication to his personal regime and writing is unmatched.
Slow man was a delightful read, to say the least. The Protagonist is Paul Rayment, a French man in his sixties who has moved to Adelaide. It seems as though Paul has no regrets about Life. Single, Unmarried, with nothing to look forward to but a 'Daily Routine', Cycling through the streets of Adelaide,running daily errands, and delving into Photography. Then all changes in an instant when his Leg is amputated as a result of an Accident. His live takes various twists and turns; Having to live and accept the situation and reflect on a Lost Legacy, or the lack of it, Marijana, a paid nurse is asked to take care of him and his stump.
Rayment soon develops sexual feelings for her; This is coupled with his inability to move out of bed, He is now left to her disposal. Rayment doesn't quite accept his impending doom. Once, he was in the position to grapple with his indepence, but now He has to dig deep and do what is right. Marijana is happily married with a Kid named Drago; Rayment feels a need to be grateful, so he offers to take care of Drago's education and future. He proclaims his love for Marijana. Coetzee does a great job at explaining how events take a turn for the worse. Love, Hope and delusions dictate Paul'sheart. Marijana's husband begins to suspect the worst, and Paul has to contend with Losing everything. Until Elizabeth Costello comes into the picture and tweeks things a bit:)

It is best if I don't explain how lovely this book is. It is a master-piece in every sense. I promise you that you will close the book with a smile on your face, relating yourself to what is played out and understanding what goes into writing such an eminent book, so real and powerful that you actually wonder what it's like to be Paul.


AJEYA RAO said...

hmm interesting. I am reading too - In cold blood by Truman Capote. A brilliantly written account of a multiple murder in Kansas.

kish said...

Yes I've heard a lot about that book as well as the movie. You should check out "Slow Man". Rent it from the Local Library :D